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Another euthanized dog has come back from the dead.

A cage of puppies was found sitting outside the Sulphur Animal Shelter last Friday evening. Animal Control Officer Scott Prall reports that the puppies appeared to be sick, and thus they were all euthanized. Each one was pronounced dead with a stethoscope (check out the best stethoscopes for nurses) and everything. The dogs were sent to a dumpster for disposal.

The following morning, Prall looked inside of the dumpster, and was shocked to find one puppy very much alive and healthy. The puppy has been named "Wall-E" to signify that he is the only one left alive. The name is debatably sweet or disturbing.

People around the country are volunteering to adopt Wall-E, and the clinic plans to find him a home by next week. Last year, another dog was put to sleep, only to be declared alive the following day.

While Wall-E's story may have a happy ending, his experience highlights two broader systematic problems.

First, the vet clinic and Animal Control both report that Wall-E and other dogs could have been given the chance to live, had there been a better animal shelter in Murray County. The nearby clinics are considered inadequate, and a local group is currently trying to raise money to build a better shelter.

Second, while Wall-E has received many offers from loving families, up to 4 million animals will be euthanized this year in animal shelters. While disturbing personal stories about Wall-E and a puppy in the mail receive strong outpourings of support, millions of other animals are ignored. Local vet Amanda Kloski says there is an entire shelter of dogs with Wall-E who are waiting to be adopted. These shelter dogs and others are featured on

An interesting take on this stroy was reported by Susan Thixton The Truth About Pet Food.

Susan wrote

"Yes... a tragic failure on so many levels.  Litter mates of this beautiful young dog were killed.  This lucky fellow will find a home but I can't help but consider the lives of his litter mates.  What a horrible crime it was to kill them.  And then there is the looming question of how this little puppy could have come back to life after receiving the euthanizing drug; the second dog that has come back to life in just a few months (that we know of).

Back in 2000, the FDA tested dog foods for pentobarbital, the drug used to euthanize animals.  They found levels of the drug in many dog foods purchased right off store shelves. In their own words, the FDA initiated this test because of complaints from Veterinarians that the drug was losing its effectiveness.  So ten plus years later, dogs are still consuming foods that contain pentobarbital and the drug seems to be loosing its effectiveness even further.  Another tragic failure"

Sourced March 4th 2011 The Truth About Pet Food

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