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Explore these 3 easy steps to learn if the DogSmith is for you


Whether you are looking to take your existing dog training and pet care business to the next level or if you are starting from scratch, The DogSmith can help you get up and running faster and professionally.

1. Where are you now …. Where are you going?

Are you looking to change the direction of your life and career? Maybe considering a new business or wanting to grow the business you have?

As you know there are so many things to consider. Starting or expanding your own business is a big step. It can be exciting and exhilarating. It can also be very scary!

At the DogSmith we can make your journey to an independent life as your own boss less scary and far more enjoyable. We’ve done the tedious work for you whether you are:

  1. Joining the Pet Industry and looking for some help with your professional training and ethical business support services.

Or maybe you are an

  1. Experienced training and pet care professional looking to expand your offerings and build the infrastructure of your business without going through the time consuming task to develop new programs and systems. The DogSmith has done that for you.

Being a DogSmith makes your journey to success faster, more cost-effective, less stressful and more fun than going it alone.

Do You Have DogSmith Passion?


We’ve all heard the adage, “Love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Well, we’re living proof of that!

If you love animals, have a passion for working in the pet industry, and enjoy helping people solve problems then a career and business working with pets may be just for you.  If you’re a ‘dog person’ that loves dogs and the science of animal behavior then dog training, behavior consulting, dog walking and pet sitting is a fantastic business. We’re able to get up every morning and spend our day doing something that we have a true passion for – dogs and their owners.

What About The  Economics?

There are plenty of other jobs that will allow you to capitalize on the booming pet industry, and if you’re purely interested in the economics, we suggest you check them out. At the DogSmith, we’re looking for people that have a good business mind and want to be successful business owners, but who also want to combine making a living with a true passion for working closely with dogs and other dog people, every day. At the DogSmith we believe from our experience that you can have both.  You can own and operate a highly effective, ethical pet business and make a great living.

Quality of Life.


But DogSmith licensees are motivated by more than money. A happy DogSmith licensee appreciates the flexibility and freedom that a true home-based business-like dog training and pet care can provide. Don’t get us wrong, as a DogSmith licensee you will work hard. But it is work you will love and we truly believe that a successful business life depends on a successful personal life. Our home-based business model gives licensees a real chance to achieve exactly that balance.

2. Animal Lovers, Meet Your New Boss…You!

Don’t wait. By this time next month you could have your own business living your passion with the Help & Support The DogSmith Can Provide!

For a surprising low start-up and monthly fee a DogSmith license gives you access to all The DogSmith trademarks, programs, support services and resources. These are products and services that we have developed over the last decade and represent the most science-based humane methods, services and products available in the industry.  In addition, for those just starting out basic to advanced training is available in all aspects of dog training and pet care.  All provided at a hugely discounted price exclusively to DogSmith licensees. As an industry “Newbie” you can package your training with your DogSmith license so you not only get the Business SMARTS™ but also the requisite technical skills and knowledge required for business and career. You can learn more about these extensive education offerings at our DogNostics career center.

Going It Alone Is Too Expensive

For most small business owners it can be financially challenging to develop a top class website, create professional branded marketing materials, client handouts, business apps and client interface systems. It can also be time prohibitive to develop all the tools and resources you need to support your brand and market your product. On top of that you have to run your business, be able to manage your business finances, develop and execute your marketing plan, hire and train your staff, and all the other demands of running your effective and profitable business.

The DogSmith Costs Less Than the Cost of a Single Advertisement

Think about how much it could cost you to start up your business and then operate it each month for just the absolute necessities.


  1. Website – average for a professional website with just a few pages $1000.00 this does not include monthly hosting, backups and tweaks
  2. Marketing collateral – professional design of just two brochures, flyers or rackcards can run you $500.00 or more.
  3. Subscription or purchase of group and private training applications can exceed $600.00 plus ongoing monthly expenses
  4. One Email account can cost $100.00/year.
  5. Then you will have a variety of ongoing monthly fees. And these are just the basics!

The DogSmith Provides So Much More


As a DogSmith you get so much more, without the worry or hassle of website updates and other ancillary expenses you have'nt planned for!  There are more than 20 tangible benefits to being a DogSmith!

Here, at The DogSmith, we are sitting on tens of thousands of dollars of business and marketing tools and resources that we want to share with passionate, ethical and highly motivated pet professionals. The investment to join the DogSmith is less than it would cost you to go it alone, and the nominal monthly fee that covers the cost of all these resources will make you smile.

Full time - Part Time -
Your business, Your schedule

Your DogSmith business conforms to your lifestyle and personal needs whether you intend to work full-time, part-time or specialize in one or more services. Your business, your schedule.

The dog training and pet care industry continues to grow worldwide with the US leading the way with almost 80 million pet dogs currently in our homes.  With pet owners stretched for time and lacking the skills to train their pet, dog trainers and pet care professionals are more and more in demand.   If you love animals and want to be your own boss then the DogSmith can help you get up and running in the exciting pet care industry.

  1. Licensed service products that are tested, reliable and effective.
  2. Mentoring and peer supervision.
  3. A toll-free vanity number (USA only).
  4. A protected DogSmith territory
  5. High quality website with your personalized website pages.
  6. DogSmith email address for the business owner and support setting up secondary emails
  7. Zip code driven search locator to help clients find you.
  8. Online booking forms for Training Retreat, private training, group training and behavior consultations.
  9. Group class application for scheduling and listing classes and receiving client payments.
  10. DogSmith private training application for on-the-job appointment management and client communication.
  11. Online behavior consulting program application and forms to support quality customer service.
  12. Industry best practice implementation.

Your DogSmith License Benefits Include:

  1. The DogSmith trademarks and reputable trustworthy brand recognition.
  2. A Team of DogSmiths to network with - help is always at hand
  3. Startup support, monthly calls and business advice
  4. Training and Behavior mentoring support from Niki Tudge
  5. Customer service call center for call routing and client support
  6. More than 15 group class service options and flexibility to add your own
  7. Multiple pet care, dog walking and slumber party service options.
  8. Private training, Latch-Key Training, Training Retreat, and behavior consultation service options.
  9. Financial forms to help you manage your bookkeeping and financial forecasting.
  10. Business tools for your daily operations.
  11. Multiple human resource forms, applications, counseling, coaching and staff handbook.
  12. Training and development manuals and knowledge base library.
  13. Group class curriculum.
  14. Over 40 client training handouts.
  15. Educational articles and videos.
  16. Skill videos for more than 20 training skills.
  17. More than 20 ’real-world’ proven pieces of marketing collateral and assistance creating yours.
  18. Support and ongoing educational access to our sister company DogNostics Education
  19. Marketing plans, manuals and best practices.

For a more comprehensive list of resources check out one of our local DogSmith's pages here.

If you have not yet watched our short webinar about The DogSmith that explains what we do and how we can help you, then we recommend you watch it now!

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Are You Wondering if You Are Eligible to Become a DogSmith?

If you are a professional credentialed Dog Trainer, Behavior Consultant or Pet Care Professional looking for effective, easy ways to expand your business or if you are you an industry “newbie” who is passionate about animals, wanting to work for yourself helping people and pets using strictly humane methods, who is honest, ethical and prepared to put in the work it takes to succeed then we need to talk.

If you are already an industry professional, then joining The DogSmith includes a small enrollment fee. This covers your transition and set-up costs of becoming a DogSmith as well as access to all DogSmith intellectual property, trademarks, services, systems and programs. After you join the DogSmith there is a small monthly fee that covers the ongoing resources we provide. No surprises or hidden costs.  Your monthly fees will be confirmed to you along with your initial set-up fee during our preliminary discussions.

If you are an industry “Newbie” then your enrollment fee will include the cost of your DogNostics Training Education to help get you on the road to becoming a qualified, certified professional. DogSmiths receive a substantial discount off this program, so be sure to your DogSmith licensee first. Once you’ve completed your technical skills and business training you will be ready to roll and launch your business.  Once you are ready to go ‘live’ with your business there is a small monthly fee that covers your ongoing access to DogSmith resources. Your monthly fees will be confirmed to you along with your initial set-up fee during our preliminary discussions. No surprises or hidden costs.

Let’s Get Started.  Schedule your no-obligation informal chat with Niki Tudge DogSmith Founder and President.  We want to ensure the DogSmith is a good fit for you. If you are ‘DogSmith’ eligible then  Click here and schedule a telephone call with Niki. Take some time to learn more and ask questions so you can make an informed decision. No obligation, no pressure, just an informal fun Q&A session. Let’s see how we can be great together.

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