There are over 71 million dogs in the US.  That adds up to a lot of disgusting waste, spoiling  the beauty of your community, increasing resident complaints and causing  headaches for you and your landscapers, maintenance staff and property management.  In addition to being disgusting pet waste can breed flies, kill grass and transmit disease.

Breed restrictions and weight limits won’t fix your pet waste problems and rules requiring owners to pick up after their pets are hard to enforce often straining relationships within the Community.


“Put The DogSmith Pet Waste Program to Work Saving You Time, Hassle and Money”

Let the DogSmith help you get rid of your pet waste headaches.  The DogSmith will provide you with a custom pet waste program designed to suit your community’s need and budget.  You will never have to think about pet waste again. Pet Waste Stations are available in a wide variety of models and price ranges but normally consist of a waste bag dispenser, stocked with biodegradable bags, mounted conveniently with a waste bin.  Your DogSmith pet waste cleanup professional can assist you in determining what type of station would be most appropriate for your facility and can advise you on placement and a complete installation program.  More importantly, your DogSmith pet waste cleanup professional can regularly service your pet waste stations on a schedule customized to suit your particular needs, replenishing bags and cleaning the bin, to ensure your pet waste station remains an effective and attractive tool in your community maintenance program.

How Biodegradable Pet Waste Bags Help You Create a

Happier, Cleaner and Healthier Environment

Our comprehensive program gives your residents the tools they need to conveniently clean up after their pets and to keep your property clean and attractive.  The DogSmith can provide anything from regular cleaning of high use and neglected areas (where stray dogs roam or owners don’t pick up after their pets) to strategic placement of pet waste stations as part of a comprehensive program.

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We sort through the many options available on the market to help you decide which equipment is appropriate for your needs and budget.  We then design your custom program, install AND service your pet waste stations at a lower cost to you than if you simply bought the stations on your own.

Your residents will be thrilled that you’ve provided them with the tools they need to hygienically pickup after pets.  The cost of installing and servicing pet waste stations on a DogSmith program can easily be recovered from pet deposits and fees.

If you have Residential Security Guards, let them know that we will visit you sometimes, so we can come in easier and without waiting.

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