We created The DogSmith for pet owners like you who are looking for a real relationship with their pet and for pets to be an integral part of their daily life.  We are dedicated to solving the same problems you have with your pets and providing for your concerns and their needs.  In fact, I started training dogs many years ago because, to be honest, like you I was frustrated and confused by the lack of good information on dog training and pet care and the ineffective training methods that seemed to be everywhere.  Some of these training methods made popular by TV either didn’t work or were dangerous for me and my own pet dog - harming our relationship.  None of these ‘fashionable’ training methods were based on modern research in scientific learning.  So I was very frustrated and didn’t know where to turn but I knew I wanted more from my relationship with my dog.  I wanted my dog to be a true member of my family.  Since I had many accomplished years of training corporate executives in the work world I somehow knew that I needed to learn to truly communicate with my beloved dog in a way my dog would understand and that would strengthen my relationship with it and not be physically or mentally damaging.  But most of all the methods had to be easy to learn and teach and could be effectively included in our busy daily lives with NO negative side effects if my husband or a child misused the techniques (imagine the damage to a dog if a toddler got a hold of the control for a shock collar and started playing with it).

The DogSmith MTR training method is the result of years of training and study combining the most advanced research in learning theory with everything we know about teaching people and animals. And the training is fun for you and your dog.  Learn more about The DogSmith and our MTR system on our website