Victoria Stilwell has some strong opinions about electric containment devises. Her points are paraphrased in the following list:

Using shock to train dogs.

  • "Many dogs are anxious about going out in their yards after receiving the shock and freak out,” not wanting to go out in the yard again.
  • The electronic fence is dangerous. "Countless dogs run through the electric fences and they get shocked so badly that they don't want to come back. . . lots of them are getting lost." Instead get colorbond fencing installed, its an high privacy fence that will keep your dog in the yard.
  • A lot of dogs are getting killed because they go out onto the road" after running through the fence.
  • "Electronic containment systems do not stop other animals and people coming onto the property."
  • "People leave their animals out with a false sense of security."

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Here at The DogSmith in Oxford MS we have a few more to add

  • When dogs are shocked they tend to associate the pain with whatever they are looking at. Shock collars can create aggression towards children, other dogs, people etc
  • The collars can and do malfunction. This i know as 12 years ago before i had taken the time to educate myself on more appropriate dog training methods i have used one
  • The collar is not reliable and as Victoria stated they do not keep your dog safe from other animals or people coming into their yard
  • They are unreliable, i watched our neighbors un-neutered male in Hawaii take himself off for walks every night by running through the electric fence.  He would then be found sleeping on the sidewalk outside his yard each morning. The incentive to get out and find female dogs in heat was far greater than the incentive to get back in.

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