What you feed your pets is an important part of pet ownership. And like most things there are two ways to look at it. 1. Is to buy a commercial grade food that is okay and 2. Is the option to buy a premium based food that may potentially save you money in the long term?

Like us, our animals benefit from good quality, fresh, natural ingredients that are free from grains, chemical preservatives and substances that can create food allergy problems and food sensitivity issues. I have experienced firsthand friends and clients that have made significant savings in veterinarian bills due to a change in dog food and the reduction of chemical preservatives and poor quality ingredients in their pet’s diets.

If you have an animal that suffers from allergies, skin problems, ear infections or digestive problems the first thing you should do is look at what you are feeding them. I know with my own diet that as soon as I increase my sugar intake it has a negative impact on my skin, scalp and general feeling of well being.  It must be the same for our animals.

When i first became educated on pet foods and the poor quality of ingredients in most commercial food I purchased for my dogs a premium brand on line, which was delivered to my door to ensure freshness.  At that time there were not many options. Now there are so many good quality dog and cat foods to choose from. They range from retail based suppliers to online suppliers. Good quality premium pet foods are now available in many flavors, kibble sizes and both wet and dry selections. Choosing the right pet food and having access to a good quality food is now much easier than it was a few years ago.

There are several brands I recommend and use. Like many pet dog owners I have more than one dog and their dietary needs are different.

One of my dogs is sensitive to chicken and the best food I have found that satisfies my quality control, is palatable for my dog and easy on my wallet is Wellness® CORE™ Ocean Dog Formula. I like this food as i can order it in smart paks; it arrives in daily packets so storage and portion control is easy.  Read about the ingredients here


I love the portion packs the food comes in, makes storage and feeding so each.

The second dog food I use and recommend is Life’s Abundance. The ingredient list is very similar and as with Wellness does not contain the wrong ingredients and does contain good quality proteins and important vitamins and minerals. Life’s Abundance has a unique selling point as Dr Jane the product formulator is available for customers to talk to on monthly conference calls. You can also listen to a FREE DVD of Dr Jane as she discusses the importance of pet nutrition and how foods should be formulated. I recommend anyone in the market for a new pet food product take the time to listen to this short informative DVD

Both food products are available online and on auto-ship so you will never again run out of dog or cat food. They both also offer great customer service which makes buying from these companies a pleasure. Staff are knowledgeable polite and keen to help.