The DogSmith Puppy Socialization Program

Socializing is the process of exposing a dog to the widest variety of humans, objects, animals, situations and environments as possible.

Dog to dog socialization is just as important. Puppies should attend a good puppy class that offers not only basic puppy obedience but also controlled off-leash puppy play. There is a reason that more dogs are afraid of men than women - more women raise puppies and puppies come into contact with more women. Puppies should become well socialized with men of all varieties, shapes, sizes and looks.

Take your puppy to the veterinary office and the groomer just for a fun visit without actually having them groomed or examined. Make it a nice experience for all concerned so the puppy develops a tolerance for these important environments. Your professional pet care providers will thank you for it.

Get a FREE DogSmith Puppy Socialization worksheet. The worksheet details over 50 things you should socialize your puppy too during the critical socialization period.  Use the worksheet to track of all the things you need to expose your puppy too. If you are lucky enough to live in an area with a Local DogSmith then you can attend one of their FREE monthly puppy socialization classes.