Treibball (literally ‘blowing ball’ in German) was created in Germany as an easy, fun, inexpensive and convenient way for active dog owners to exercise their dogs by participating in a sport they could enjoy together.  Treibball can provide the physical, mental and handling challenges of dog agility without the need for a large area and extensive equipment.  Treibball started out primarily intended for herding dogs but is suitable for any size, age or breed of dog.

Treibball can be played on any open area, inside or out and the size of the ‘playing field’ is not critical.  Using large, inflatable, lightweight fitness balls (also known as pilates, exercise, stability or Swiss balls) the goal of the game is to have your dog ‘herd’ the balls into a soccer goal, pen or any designated area.  You control and communicate with your dog from a distance, much like sheep herders do, with voice commands or hand signals.  You can use different sized and colored fitness balls to add variety and to suit your particular dog.

Treibball is a team sport (you and your dog) that requires good obedience and communication skills between dog and handler.  You can participate just for fun or get involved in some very challenging competitions.  Treibball is a fantastic way to exercise you and your dog mentally and physically.  Think of treibball as a cross between soccer and standard sheepherding trials without the sheep.  Treibbal is also great for urban and suburban areas because you don’t need a lot of space and the required equipment is inexpensive and portable.

There is even an American Treibball Association and a Treibball Yahoo Group.  Treibball can help build your dog’s confidence and social skills and will certainly burn off any excess energy.