What DogSmiths Say

The Top 20 Reasons Our DogSmiths Love Being Part of The DogSmith System!

  1. I've always known that in order to succeed in achieving my dreams that I would need a mentor. I have that with the DogSmith.
  2. Without the continual support, training and daily contact I have with the people at the DogSmith Headquarters, I would not be where I am today. I owe the success and continual success of my business to them.
  3. I like the aspect of being able to educate people about dogs and hopefully keep dogs out of shelters and in their homes where everyone can enjoy the wonderfulness of being dog owners and the joy it brings.
  4. I have freedom from the corporate world.
  5. As a DogSmith I can have an impact on the quality of life/relationship of the dog and owner
  6. Being a business owner keeps my mind stimulated, I’m always learning and growing.
  7. I have the ability to create an atmosphere where a dog actually enjoys learning.
  8. I love the experience of the exact moment when a dog understands what it is you are asking him to do (The “light bulb” moment).
  9. I have always enjoyed working in public service. The DogSmith creates a feasible balance between being profitable and changing things for the better in my local community.
  10. It motivates me thinking about my day and how I can be managing a marketing program and then doing a behavioral consultation with a client and then supervising one of my Pet Care Technicians.
  11. All my hard work and effort generates a lifestyle that I directly benefit from, financially and emotionally.
  12. I love teaching owners the skills needed for their dogs to understand them.
  13. I love when owners realize that dog training is easy and fun.
  14. I always feel so very proud to see clients and their dogs out in public, enjoying themselves.
  15. I love everything about being a DogSmith business owner, each day is unique and I love the clients, two legged and four legged, that I get to work with.
  16. I enjoy not having to commute to a job and being able to spend more time with my own dogs and my family.
  17. Helping local Animal Shelters place dogs in appropriate homes so they will not be returned to shelter life.
  18. I am very proud of being a DogSmith, because I feel that I am part of a professional, knowledgeable, caring team of individuals who are at the forefront of our business.
  19. I love the freedom of owning my own business and never having that terrible “MONDAY Morning feeling” of having to drag myself out of bed to go to my J.O.B.
  20. I love the opportunity to create jobs in my community, supporting other small businesses and supporting our local economy.

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