Walton County Fl Public Service Announcement

In support of its ongoing effort to reduce the number of unwanted and homeless pets in our area, Walton County Animal Services is launching a monthly pet educational program for county residents. The program will focus on three of the most critical aspects of pets and pet ownership in our community; 1) spaying and neutering pets to reduce the overpopulation of dogs and cats and improve the animal’s health and happiness, 2) Dog Training and the role it plays in helping pet dogs become, and remain, happy and well-mannered family members and 3) preventative medicine for canine and feline health, annual vaccinations, parasite prevention and internal medicine.

Walton County Animal Services has partnered with The DogSmith®, Your Neighborhood Pet Care Expert and Dr. Jack L. Blackwood Jr., DVM of Defuniak Springs, to provide a day of FREE dog training and a selection of educational seminars to help support responsible pet ownership in Walton County Florida.

The Public will have the opportunity to win spay/neuter certificates, donated by Dr. Blackwood, and dog training/pet care gift certificates and goody bags donated by The DogSmith.



The first event will be held on April 10th 2010 and include:

Pet Adoption Clinic - From 9 AM to 12 NOON

Come and view the animals available for adoption. Anyone who adopts an animal on Saturday, April 10th will have the opportunity to win an additional spay/neuter certificate redeemable at Dr. Blackwood’s clinic in Defuniak Springs and a goody bag donated by The DogSmith.


FREE, 1 Hour Puppy Socialization Class - 12 NOON to 1 PM

The public is invited to bring their puppies 6 months old or younger.  Each attendee will receive a $15.00 DogSmith Gift Certificate and the chance to win a spay/neuter voucher redeemable at Dr. Blackwood’s clinic in Defuniak Springs, FL.  The Class will cover house training, crate training and teaching your puppy obedience in a positive, happy and effective way.


Continuing Monthly Events

The second adoption and educational event will be held on Saturday May 8th. This event will include a FREE, 1 Hour Dog Training Class and an educational seminar on the importance of spaying/neutering your pet. Attendees will have the chance to win a FREE spay/neuter certificate and dog training/pet care gift certificates from The DogSmith®. More information will be posted on the Walton County Animal Services website.

Walton County Animal Services


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The DogSmith


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Dr. Jack L. Blackwood Jr., DVM

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