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Why Choose On-Line Training For You and Your Dog?

 It is no wonder why 90 percent of students today think that on-line training is the same or better than traditional classes. For starters on-line training can save you money, gas, time and hassle. And your DogSmith has been offering quality on-line training services to you for almost a decade including full training sessions, support, and coaching. 

Your DogSmith virtual training provides you with incredible convenience through our ‘Anytime, Anyplace’ delivery, giving you the flexibility you need with the structure you want.  No travel time eating into your schedule and budget and you get full recordings of your sessions for your  future reference or to share with family members. Manage your time, balance your work-life schedule, get your DogSmith training virtually. Start today!


DogSmith virtual training

My Great Dane Dog's philosophy on life was 'my way or the highway' and weighing in at 120 lbs, he pretty much got his own way. He was out of control on our walks and he would pull and drag me everywhere. The moment he spotted another dog or person he would strain and pull to get to them. I was completely unable to restrain him and as a result, could no longer walk him alone. He was often left at home when we went out and this made the problem worse.

Enter Niki Tudge from The DogSmith. After only a few virtual sessions with Niki I learned how to walk my dog nicely on new equipment, a harness. I also learned how to redirect him when he became excited. We have a way to go and will continue to work with him but already he is a completely different dog on our walks.

The virtual lessons were a life saver and actually they were more convenient than going to a lesson. We were able to learn and practice in the quiet of our own home. The crowning achievement was a beautiful afternoon we spent on the Tampa River Walk and there were lots of other dogs around.  Bruno was really well behaved. I couldn't believe it was the same dog. His behavior is completely different. I could not believe that a few sessions could make such a difference, but they did.

Sheila M - Tampa

DogSmith's Virtual Training

During COVID we moved towards offering Virtual Training. It was so popular and successful that we now offer it full-time. Pet owners love training from the comfort of their own homes.

  • Train your puppy.
  • Work on pet manners and individual training skills.
  • Solve a behavioral problem such as reactivity, growling or barking.
  • Learn how to provide at-home enrichment for your dog to help alleviate stress and frustration.
  • Learn to speak dog and create happy and safe kid-dog interactions.

Virtual  sessions via zoom are fun, eash and really effective.

Get Started Today!
The Virtual Process:

  • Complete our private training form so we know what you would like to achieve.
  • If you are scheduling a behavior consultation, then please complete this more detailed form here Behavior Consulting.
  • We will then contact you to arrange your session or package elements and to finalize payment.
  • After the successful submission of your payment and the training information form, we will schedule your appointments.
  • We will email you your personal on-line training link to use for your virtual lesson.
  • At the conclusion of each lesson, we will email you a summary of the training covered, your  homework assignments, appropriate  videos and handouts to support your homework.
  • Between lessons, we will provide email and telephone support to help you meet your goals.

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