What is Guaranteed Analysis?

We love our dogs and cats. We buy them gourmet treats, designer apparel and lavish them with our time, love and attention. They share our lives, our woes and are by our side throughout all of our ups and downs. They are purely and simply an important part of our family. But how many of us stop to think about what we are really feeding them until it becomes a front page headline or a news alert on the web about yet another food safety recall?

Pet nutritional experts believe that our dogs and cats have the genetic potential to live up to 20 years, yet many of our four legged family members are considered long in the tooth if they reach eleven or twelve. The National Institute on Aging (2006) has stated that the average human life expectancy has almost doubled in the last century mostly due to improvements in nutrition and the control of disease. Maybe it is time to expect the same for our pets. As we demand more from our own food source we should be asking the same tough questions about our pet’s food.

Where is our pet food prepared? Is it a USDA certified facility? Are the ingredients ‘cast-offs’ from our food supply chain rejected because of their poor quality or are they human grade quality? Has the food been prepared using chemicals such as BHA and BHT, known carcinogens, and Ethoxyquin, a rubber stabilizer? Last of all, who from the company we buy our pet food from, can we talk to for advice and honest answers concerning the nutritional welfare of our pets?

Most people are surprised when they learn that the pet food industry, a multi million-dollar industry, came about during World War II. Cereals and grain considered waste from factories was bagged and sold as pet food. The industry then evolved as manufacturers recognized that to ensure animals were not undernourished they would have to incorporate meat into their products; meat that had been rejected from our food supply chain due to its poor nutritional quality, dubious source, condition or health risk.

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