I wanted to share a moving story with you all today. One of our DogSmith Franchise Owners has just completed a "Board & Train" package with a client who had a large breed dog who lived outside. The dog spent a lot of time on a chain as the owner was concerned that the dog would chase their prized livestock and hurt both the livestock and itself.  The goal was to train a cut off switch to the chasing and some a general level of obedience.

Thanks to not only a good training program but a DogSmith who was able to educate and engage an owner. Tonight the dog is sleeping inside the family home with its two legged family and in the comfort of air conditioning.

It is not always the training that matters but the way we approach, engage and educate dog owners. We cannot always stand on soap boxes and preach, this is seen as judgment and isolates dog owners from those that can help them.  We have to approach dog owners in a collaborative and empathetic manner, understanding their challenges and helping them overcome them. This is the way we can help dogs, not just for today but in the long term.

The training is not finished and this is not the end of the story, but we now have a dog owner looking at their dog in a different light, seeing it as a family member and imagining all the possibilities. These are the times when what we do is so worthwhile and so rewarding and i am reminded why I left my corporate role as a Director of Operations  to become a DogSmith.