Are you one of those people that just loves dogs and has to hide from all the information about the overwhelming number that suffer each your and end up in rescue because you feel helpless. Well you are not.

There are so many ways to help, not everybody can adopt a shelter dog. But what you can do is endless. You can foster, help with transport, sponsor a sick animal, sponsor your local shelter, provide a bag of food ... the list goes on.

“One small step at a time from many individuals soon becomes a stampede”!

As you buy gifts for your pet this holiday season think of the many dogs and cats that are in need of help.

I offer my time on behalf of my dogs and the great life they have that so many others deserve, it brings an amazing feeling of satisfaction knowing that you provided one of the many foot steps forward in helping our rescue animals


Choose a shelter or a breed rescue group if you have a particular affiliation with one breed. Give them a call and ask them about all the ways you can help. There is room for everyone, no matter how small you think your contribution is – It will be very welcome