The DogSmith is unequaled in the Pet Industry. We are the leading example of what a socially responsible company can accomplish while creating an enviable lifestyle for you, the DogSmith owner. With The DogSmith we have created a business model that provides you with the opportunity for multiple streams of income while giving back to our communities through active commitment to animal rescue groups and shelters. We are ahead of the industry by defining what it means to own your own business in a sustainable, socially conscious and eco-friendly way.

The DogSmith is the unrivaled Dog Training, Dog Walking & Pet Care Franchise in the United States. With its unique and unparalleled experience and credentials, The DogSmith has established a Dog Training and Pet Care company based on positive learning theory training techniques and systematic behavior change protocols all packaged into a proprietary system that is easy and effective to learn and teach.


Established by Niki Tudge, a Master DogSmith Dog Trainer and Dog Behaviorist, she has combined her "people" teaching and dog training skills with her commitment to animal rescue and substantial business knowledge to create a proprietary system of education known as ARRF® supported by an operational implementation process called MTR®. Blessed with an amazing ability to teach others to teach Niki is equipped with a unique combination of business experience, dog training and dog behavior expertise, a background in exceptional customer service, certification as a trainer of trainers and many years consulting to animal rescue groups. She has combined these essential skills and experience to create an unrivaled business opportunity that is designed to provide pet owners with the absolutely most effective method to train and care for their pets while giving back to the community in real and measurable ways while providing a dream life for DogSmith business owners.


It's the Right Decision

In today's economy, owning your own DogSmith business may be the best investment you can make. Take it from the likes of J. Paul Getty (who said the only way to make a great deal of money is to own one's own business) and Warren Buffet (who prefers owning a business to passive investments). We believe that you can be successful in just about any business if you are willing to work hard enough but because of our mission, vision, ethics and values, and our unique DogSmith pledge you will be proud to be a DogSmith. The DogSmith is synonymous with quality and expertise in the pet care industry. We help pets become family! ® 1-888-Dog-Smith (364-7648)

A dog training school or dog training college will give you some of the ABC's of dog training, the basic mechanical skills and some training recipes. The DogSmith teaches you about the science of dog training and dog behavior. We tech you how to market your business, how to get new customers and how to offer such great service that you will keep your customers for life. The DogSmith also sets up your quick books financial file for you, teaches you how to use it and offers support when and how you need it. We are invested in you and your business. When the training ends, the support begins.