Florida, February 2010  - The DogSmith, a national Dog Training, Dog Walking and Pet Care Franchise operating out of Florida, is  offering deferred franchise fees on select Franchise Territories in Florida.

Niki Tudge, the founder of The DogSmith, explains the motivation for this unprecedented Franchise offering.  “If we can increase the share of the pet adoption market by a mere 3% by educating qualified dog trainers committed to assisting rescue groups and shelters with training and socializing more dogs and cats thus making them more appealing to the adopting public, we can stop the killing of millions of animals each year.  That is the mission of The DogSmith. “I developed the DogSmith training methodology because of the huge disconnect between the millions of dollars we as pet owners spend each year at groomers, dog boutiques and pet stores yet millions of adoptable dogs and cats are sentenced to death each year for behaviors and quirks that could be easily resolved with a couple of hundred dollars invested in training.  So many animals are surrendered to shelters and rescue groups every year because of problem behaviors that could be remedied with just some basic training.”

As a professional dog trainer and dog behavior analyst Niki witnessed firsthand the paradox in the number of pets coming into our homes nationwide versus the number of dogs abandoned at shelters available for adoption.  Families bring more dogs and cats into their homes than there are adoptable animals in shelters (more dogs and cats are brought into homes every year from breeders and “puppy mills” than are waiting for adoption through shelters and rescue groups).

When asked why The DogSmith is offering franchises to qualified persons on such attractive terms,  the source of information explains that “there is a lack of affordable, humane, efficient and effective dog trainers and an even bigger shortage of dog trainers willing to give their time and services to local rescue groups.  I am passionate about helping the “The Rescue Industry”.  My dream is to train enough DogSmith Dog Trainers and Pet Care experts to make a difference in the way we live with our pet animals.”

One of The DogSmith’s primary missions, and a requirement to attain DogSmith certification, is for each DogSmith franchise owner to partner with local rescue groups and help animal facilities by supporting training and behavioral change programs for animals searching for new homes

“DogSmith Trainers can play an integral role in each step of this process but I cannot do this alone” says Niki, “I need likeminded people to join me in making this dream a reality.  We have the resources, the passion and the energy and we invite others who share these goals to join us. We are so confident in our system as a viable business plan and as the best way to make a difference in our relationship with our pet animals that we are prepared to make this unprecedented offer”.

Potential DogSmith's will go through a rigorous interview process to ensure they are correctly aligned with The DogSmith Mission, Vision and Values. We consider ourselves the Mercedes-Benz of The Pet Care Business



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