Well today is Thursday and we commence our DogSmith Franchise training on Saturday, what that means is that we will have three new DogSmith business owners on site for 14 days learning all about how to open and operate a DogSmith business. During the 14 days they are responsible to get a puppy and a dog through a 14 day training curriculum and to also work on a dog behavioral problem using the DogSmith training methods and philosophy.

Lara our Little Adorable Rescue Aussie resides in our DogSmith in door training room. You can see her here wandering around. For the 14 days she is going to be exposed to three new people and lots of noise and activity. She will be allowed to wander and come and go as she is comfortable. This should be a massive boost to her socialization program, if we do it correctly and do not over expose her to anything too quickly.

In preparation for the training we have mowed all the training pastures, this was the first mow of the year and I was interested to see how Lara would respond to the mower. She was great, she did not hightail it inside but stayed well back from the noise hiding in a bush. For Lara this was a huge improvement, she used to shake and run from a door closing.  When the mower was parked in the yard she was brave enough to approach it. If you look carefully here you can spot the brave girl approaching the huge black monster. I am very excited about the next two weeks; I am hoping Lara will leap ahead. She has already made such great progress