Here at the DogSmith we recognize that getting a puppy can be exciting and frustrating.  Puppies are delightful, cute, funny and highly entertaining.  Unfortunately they don’t come with an owner’s manual. We are changing all of that.  The DogSmith has developed Puppy Training Programs that provide you with everything you need to take you from “cute and cuddly” through the ‘terrible twos” right to “best friend.” The Puppy Pack Programs are designed for puppies from 7 weeks to 6 months of age and establish the foundation for the puppy’s entire life.

The ‘Puppy Pack’ Dog Training Goals Include housetraining, crate training, bite inhibition (puppy nipping), doggie social skills with people and dogs and some key puppy obedience skills, ‘Sit’, ‘Down’, ‘Stand’, ‘Come’, ‘Walk nicely’, ‘let’s go’, ‘leave it’, ‘name recognition’ and ‘stay’ behaviors.

Learn more, the roll-out of these new program is coming! July 29th 2010