The trends in pet ownership in America coupled with the increase in what pet owners are willing to spend makes it the right time to join the exploding pet care industry.

"We pamper them. We take them wherever we go. We spoil them with gifts and treats. They even get presents for holidays, birthdays and special occasions. They are our pets!" (APPA Pet Product Trend Report 2009).

71.4 Million Americans have a pet – that’s 62% of American households. 38.2 million Americans own cats and 45 million Americans own dogs. Financial analysts at a meeting of industry experts held in 2008 discussed how the pet industry may be resilient to the economic downturn. And it appears they were correct. Not only are more households pet owners but owners are spending increasingly more on their furry critters.

In 2009, 45 billion dollars will be spent across the US Pet Industry, a 2 Billion dollar increase from 2008. The expenditure in pet products and services is no longer restricted to the necessities such as food and veterinary visits. Owners are now investing in high-end pet products, state of the art services and designer clothing.


DogSmith School For Dog Trainers

The multi-use facility is very flexible and includes several acres of fenced pastures, classroom buildings and kennel areas.

The pasture areas are perfect for pet dog obedience training and the training field size can be varied to accommodate big or small dog training classes. They can also be adapted for whatever dog training skills are being taught, from basic pet dog obedience to competitive dog agility training.

DogSmith Franchise owners receive extensive hands-on training at The DogSmith Training Center for Dog Trainers and have the opportunity to immediately apply theory to practical use.

Become a Dog Trainer

The classrooms for the academic portion of the dog training and animal behavior curriculum are located adjacent to the training fields so professional dog trainer students can quickly put their newly acquired dog training knowledge to practical use in "real life" situations. There are ample additional indoor dog training and kennel areas suitable for animal behavior assessments and practical dog handling lessons.

College Curriculum for DogSmith Dog Trainers

The DogSmith curriculum covers everything necessary to operate and manage a successful dog training and pet care business including the financial, marketing and human resource components.

Dog Training Methodology & Curriculum click to see the full curriculum.

The DogSmith Pet Dog Training curriculum is based on the natural behaviors of dogs and their ability to learn using scientifically applied learning theories.

Theory: – The DogSmith training theory is taught in classroom style meetings, lectures and discussions. Dog training students will be involved in discussions, presentations, group "teach-backs", seminars and homework.

Tools: The DogSmith Training Center uses a wide variety of assigned readings, seminar DVD's and training manuals.

Goal: By the completion of training each DogSmith dog training student will have the theoretical knowledge to:

  1. Pass the American Kennel Club CGC Evaluator exam (2 years of professional work experience required).
  2. Pass the American Boarding Kennel Association Pet Care Technician Level 1 & Level 2 exam.
  3. Be prepared with the theoretical knowledge to take the CPDT exam (an additional 200 training hours required).
  4. Pass the Red Cross Canine CPR certificate.
  5. Pass the DogSmith Dog Training Center Diploma qualifying exam (250 multiple choice questions and 2 behavioral questions).

DogSmith Revenue Generation

FranchiseDogSmith Dog Training
–   Private Lessons
–   Group Lessons
–   Retail Sales toys, training aids and apparel

FranchiseDogSmith Dog Walking
–   Private Walks
–   Dog Park Romps

FranchiseDogSmith Pet Sitting
–   Home Alone Visits
-   Lunch and Dinner Breaks
–   Canine Slumber Parties

FranchiseDogSmith Pet Nutrition Partnership
–   Dog and Cat Food
–   Treats
–   Supplements

FranchiseDogSmith Pet Waste Cleanup
–   Residential Accounts
–   Commercial Accounts
–   Retail Pet Waste Stations and Supplies

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