Palm Beach FL, November  2009 – The DogSmith announces free puppy socialization classes on Jupiter Beach.

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Dog's Should Be Well Socialized and Well Behaved

The DogSmith is dedicated to responsible dog ownership and educating dog owners on the many benefits of positive reinforcement training as the alternative to punishment based techniques. To further this mission each DogSmith offers free monthly puppy classes to help new dog owners establish the foundation for successful lifetime pet dog ownership. The DogSmith of Palm Beach County will hold its first two sessions at 9 am on Saturday November 21st and December 5th. Rachel Williams, DogSmith owner, said “we have chosen the dog beach as the ideal location for two reasons, to support The Friends of Jupiter Beach and, if we can expose the puppies to the beach environment when they are young it will help encourage owners to include their dogs in their beach outings and this will ensure the dogs receive both physical and mental exercise throughout their lives.” The Puppy socialization classes will focus on teaching owners, of puppies 24 weeks or younger, the essentials of housetraining, crate training, bite inhibition and responsible dog ownership. The course will also include information for owners on canine communication so they can identify stress indicators and socially rude behaviors. Each attendee will receive a copy of the DogSmith Socialization booklet and handouts on how to crate and house train your puppy. Register on line at Fetch a Free Dog Training Class


 PetDogSolutioD83bR05bP01ZL_mdm About The DogSmith The DogSmith Franchise Services Inc. is a Florida based company whose mission is to enhance the lives of pets and their owners, support and assist animal shelters and rescue organizations and provide affordable and professional care to family pets. To learn more about The DogSmith visit or call 1-888-364-7648