Exercise #4: Name Game

Goal: To teach your dog to look at you with a happy demeanor when you say its name.

Resources: You will need a treat bag with some soft, moist and yummy treats. You will also need a training partner, spouse, child or friend to help you.

Training Steps

To play the ‘name game,’ take your dog to a quiet place in your home.
Say your dog’s name and when it looks at you say ‘yes’ and give it a treat. Repeat this step 5 times each day for a week.

Play the ‘name game’ with other family members and your dog.
Have each family member, armed with small treats, go to different parts of the house. Then take turns calling your dog’s name. When your dog finds the correct person and makes eye contact, say ‘yes’ and give the dog a treat. Repeat this exercise each day for 3-days.

Now take the ‘name game’ outside. This time when your dog looks at you when it hears its name, say ‘yes’ and pet them for 30 seconds.

Limit the treats to every 5th time your dog makes eye contact when it hears its name.

Watch a short fun video on how to teach your dog to respond positively to there name

NEVER use your dog’s name harshly. Always use your dog's name in a happy and pleasant manner. Contact your local DogSmith for helping teaching your dog to be a great family pet. For a FREE phone consultation complete this short form