DogSmith Dog Walking Packages & Day Care Services
While your pets are home and you are not - fetch a DogSmith for:
"Daily Dog Romps"
Trips to the "Dog Park"
Daily "Lunch or Dinner Breaks"
"Latch Key" Training
"Pet Shuttle Service"
DogSmith Dog Walking Packages

Dog Romp
While you are at work we give your dog a 15 to 20 minute walk. For the safety of your pet we limit the number of dogs walked at one time to two. Dog walking is also offered as an additional service during a DogSmith In home pet care visit.

Weekly Dog Romp Package
This is a five day prepaid package with each daily visit comprised of a 30 minute Dog Romp for up to two dogs.

Monthly Dog Romp Package
This is a 20 day prepaid package of daily visits, five per week, with each daily visit providing a 30 minute Dog Romp for up to two dogs.

Six Month Dog Romp Package
This is a six month Dog Romp package including 5 daily visits each week, Monday through Friday. Each visit will be a 30 minute Dog Romp for up to two dogs.

Dog Park Romp
This is a one hour romp for your dog at a local, fully fenced Dog Park.

Dog Park Romp Package
Five day pre paid package of daily trips to the local Dog Park for a 60 minute Dog Romp for up to two dogs.

Daily "Lunch or Dinner Breaks"

DogSmith Lunch Break / Dinner Break DogSmith Lunch/Dinner Breaks are 15 to 20 minute mid-day (between 10:15 AM & 2:30 PM / 4:00 PM & 8:00 PM) visits to entertain or let a pet into the yard. This is available for dogs and cats.

"Latch Key" Dog Training In Your Home

Latch Key Dog Training
While you are on vacation or at work a DogSmith Certified Dog Trainer can care for your dog and provide training in your home.

"Pet Shuttle" Service

Our "Pet Shuttle" service provides hassle-free transportation for you pets to any appointments (vets, groomer etc.) while you are at work.

Contact your local DogSmith for more information on pricing and services