The holidays are upon us and while you are rushing around shopping, attending office parties and planning for family gatherings don’t forget to include your dogs and dog loving friends in the festivities. Interactive toys and healthy treats are the most appreciated and valued gifts you can give your dogs at this time of year. Healthy, wholesome treats can help offset some of the holiday food your furry friend will inevitably find around the house or in the hands of well meaning toddlers. Nutritious treats like Premier’s Liver Biscotti which the Whole Dog Journal says “is the best treat we have ever come across” or their Buddy Berries, Buddy Ohs or Freeze Dried Liver Treats, also from Premier, are a healthy choice for training or every day rewards. You can also find an assortment of premium holistic dog food and treats as well as holistic cat food at the DogSmith Store (

Interactive toys are a great gift idea because your dog will love them and they provide hours of mental and physical activity for your dog. You can keep your dog entertained for every one of the 12 days of Christmas with a different challenge from Premier’s range of interactive toys fitted with their patented “treat meter” that allows treats to be randomly dispensed as your dog plays and manipulates the toy. The range of interactive toys includes the Chuckle, Squirrel Dude, The Waggle, Twist ‘n Treat, Football, Tug-a-Jug, and the Kibble Nibble. We use these treat dispensing toys to give our dogs their meals. Feeding them this way appeals to their natural instinct to pounce, stalk and chase prey for their food. Premier also has a range of chew toys with replaceable healthy treats which can be adjust to provide just the quantity of treat you desire. These toys stimulate chewing, clean teeth and give your dog plenty to chew even after the treats are gone. Bristle Bone, Bouncy Bone, and Funny Bone all provide hours of healthy fun. And the Waggle, Twist ’n Treat, and Squirrel Dude come in puppy sizes that are gentle for puppy teeth but durable enough for extended play. Let your new puppy gnaw on these not the table leg.
For the dog lovers in your life that may need some help with the new puppy they found under their tree on Christmas morning how about a DogSmith gift certificate good for training, sitting or walking services. Help your friends and family get their new puppy off to a great start in their new home.
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