What vehicle was the distinguished recipient of that first-ever Best In Show award? And the winner is . . . the Honda Element! The Element’s versatile cargo area and easy-to-clean interior were just some of the key points that made the Element the best among many other vehicles ranked high on the DogCar of the Year list.

The Element’s popularity among dog owners was so impressive that the marketing folks at Honda jumped at the opportunity to cater to the dog-loving public by creating a cute little ad campaign featuring pups and the Best in Show logo.

It also set into motion the design of a new dog-friendly version of the Honda Element for 2010 that features a built in dog bed, flexible crate, stow-away ramp and many other accessories that make it appealing to those of us who like to travel with our dogs.

And the praise keeps rolling in for the Element. This year, the Dog Friendly Honda Element was back in the Best In Show winner’s circle when it tied with the Toyota Venza for top honors by

Last month, Bark BuckleUp named the 2010 Dog Friendly Honda Element as of the Top 10 PetSafe vehicles. And gave high praise for the Honda Element by endorsing it as the vehicle of choice for dog training professionals.

“The Honda Element reflects our DogSmith standards of superior quality and professionalism in pet care at an affordable price,” says  Niki Tudge  of DogSmith,

Now just because the Element is right for some dog-loving families, doesn’t mean that it’s right for everyone. That’s why provides in-depth reviews of a variety of vehicle makes and models, providing pluses and minus each one tested. Check them out here.