The DogSmith Brand

The DogSmith is a local, loving, approachable, trustworthy, fun, friendly and effective professional pet dog training and pet care company. The DogSmith is a company that customers entrust the care and well being of their pet family members, and their homes.  The brand is measured by what people know about us and feel about us. Much more than a logo, our brand is our image . . . it's our reputation . . . and we recognize that we must manage it with great care.

As a service company our brand also incorporates minimum brand standards that govern how each individual DogSmith business operates and the level of customer service we offer. The DogSmith brand standards also incorporate our key training philosophy, the methods we use for training and the scientific way we approach behavior change programs.

Our company brand standard manual is one of our most important documents, it it our due north and manages the quality of everything we do.

The DogSmith Client Email Response standard is

All client emails must be returned the day of receipt if the email is received before 5 pm. Client email messages received after 6 pm must be returned by Noon the following day. We have a similiar brand standard for our telephone calls. So when you call or email your local DogSmith you can rest assured we will call or email you back in a timely and professional manner.