You Got the Puppy!

But You Don’t Have the Time to Get the Training You Need?

With Your Busy Schedule, Whether Your Pup is 8 months or 8 years –

 Leave the Training to Us!

Of course you want to give your pet the basic training it needs to be a happy member of your family.  But with school, work, family, errands, business trips and vacations you don’t always have time to get the training you and your dog need.  So when you are too busy with life, let The DogSmith help out.  We have two incredible and affordable training programs that fit in to your busy schedule, whether you’re home or not.  With our “Board & Train” or “Latch-Key” training programs we train your dog while you’re away.  Your dog will get the devoted individual attention of your DogSmith Dog Trainer in our home or yours.  Our programs are customized for your dog and we will adjust the pace and focus depending on the needs of you and your puppy.  Your local DogSmith will meet with you and your dog, discuss your concerns and build a training program around your goals. For each behavior you want, we establish a training goal so we can measure how we are doing and how well your dog is progressing. Your dog will learn faster than group classes and you will receive FREE copies of our DogSmith MTR® training cards.  And best of all you come home to a trained dog!  Two great programs - same unrivaled service.

DogSmith Board & Train Program

Out of town, on vacation or just too busy at home to give your new puppy the attention it needs? With our “Board & Train” program your dog stays with a DogSmith certified dog trainer receiving loads of attention and training throughout the day, every day for two weeks.  Your dog stays in the home of a DogSmith Certified Dog Trainer and gets a minimum of 2 hours training each day at an appropriate pace. In addition to training sessions, the remainder of your dog's time will be spent with your DogSmith who will manage your dog’s behaviors through interaction and play, enjoying a structured, safe and educational environment.  Your “Board & Train” program is personalized to meet the needs of you and your pet and is suitable for puppies from 8 weeks of age to senior dogs of any age.

DogSmith Latch Key Training Program

If it is more convenient for you to keep your dog at home while you’re away for the day, a week or a month our “Latch Key” program is the perfect answer for your training needs.  Your DogSmith certified dog trainer will train your dog in your home on an agreed schedule to achieve your training goals.  With our Latch-Key program your dog is trained in its own environment making it ideal for house-training and any other specific behaviors you want.  Latch Key Training also provides for a great mental and physical workout for your dog. As with our Board & Train program your Latch Key Training is personalized to meet your particular needs and is suitable for dogs of any age.