by Niki Tudge

The ARRF© methodology of dog training and behavior modification was developed by the DogSmith Training Center in 2006 and provides the most effective training system possible for the Pet Dog and their owner. By understanding and using the most current scientific learning principles applied to pet dog training, DogSmith Trainers ensure that learning will be humane, effective, reliable, fun and easy. ARRF is operationally supported by the DogSmith MTR program.

DogSmith Trainers are skilled at developing objective learning criteria, using operant and respondent conditioning procedures and establishing training guidelines to ensure desired behaviors are frequently practiced in a variety of contexts.

Most importantly, DogSmith Trainers fully engage pet dogs and their owners into the learning process by creating a fun and highly motivating environment ensuring active participation is sustained by both students.

The four key principles comprising the ARRF© methodology are:

A = Active Involvement. Active involvement in the learning process is critical. When the student is actively participating, rather than passively observing, greater learning takes place. This applies to both the dog and their owner.

R = Repetition. Newly acquired skills need to be repeated frequently in a variety of contexts to ensure they are robust. This means the skills you and your dog learn will be effective in and around your home and out and about around town. Frequent repetition in various scenarios ensures the skill is truly owned so the student can not only generalize their behaviors in new situations but can also discriminate when appropriate.

R = Reward. Positive reinforcements, in the form of rewards for accomplishing skills successfully, are far more effective to ensure learning takes place. Rewards such as food and toys are quickly re placed by life rewards, such as attention and petting, when behaviors are under cue control.

F = Finite Objectives. Clearly defined and attainable objectives make it clear to the student and instructor what is to be learned and taught. With clear objectives the student and instructor can easily recognize when a particular skill has been mastered and during the process we train - test -train to ensure our objectives are met.

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