Stacey LloydA Fabulous Teacher
About 4 years ago, I undertook a dog instructor’s course and met Louise and, although we have both worked with and for dogs since, it’s been in different directions.  However, throughout this time, we have managed to help each other a lot and become good friends.
From our initially meeting, Louise went on in different ways and has gone on to successfully pass various courses and gained many more qualifications, as well as starting her own training courses. The first class I attended in Mijas, that Louise hosted, was a Trick class and more recently, I have attended a Manners class at Happy Dogs Estepona. I have witnessed the all-round investment in time, knowledge and skills that Louise has put in to become a fabulous teacher and that positive reinforcement really works!
I am the owner of a small dog charity, 4 Paws Adoptions, and I know that all the dogs I adopt have had Positive Reinforcement training and I am sure that has aided the successful adoption process for me.  Some of the dogs even have a couple of tricks to impress their new families and I am certain that the dogs having good manners solidifies an adoption. A dog with good manners, that’s been trained positively, enhances a smooth relationship!
Also, Louise and Jambo (her Staffy Bull Terrier Champion Trick dog) have continually helped to raise funds for 4 Paws Adoptions both online and at various events we have hosted.

Stacey Lloyd4 Paws AdoptionsFuengirola