We have had nothing short of an absolutely GREAT experience with Leslie and Look What I Can Do! Dog Training (Now Dog Kingdom Pets). Our rescue, Ella came to us over a year ago and slowly showed signs of fear/fear aggression. As her behavior progressed, we realized that we needed help – Leslie came to the rescue! We attended many private sessions and slowly saw Ella come out of her shell. The tools Leslie provided, both in class and by email, worked wonders! We became confident owners and helped restore confidence in our Ella. A few months later, we decided to enroll Ella in the B.A. My Dog Has Class sessions with Leslie. What an awesome class!! The class sizes are small enough to keep your dogs under control but large enough for socialization purposes (something Ella desperately needed). Leslie does a great job explaining and working with each dog and as a group. I love that the first class is no dogs, owners only – gives a chance for communication and to learn what to expect without the distraction of the dog. We cannot wait to get Ella started in the M.A. level class! I really don’t know where we would be without Leslie’s help and expertise; I cannot say enough about what she has done for us. Her philosophy of positive reinforcement as a tool for training is essential in learning to have good relationship with your pet. She is always available to answer your questions (great email responder!) and is always sure to include links and handouts so you know exactly what to do and how to do it properly at home. I would highly recommend Leslie and Look What I Can Do! Dog Training to anyone who needs help or wants to learn to communicate better with their furry friend!

Sincerely, Tyler, Amanda, and Ella