Without hesitation, I can tell you that Melanie has been a godsend & relief to my worry in finding reliable & trustworthy pet sitting and training in this area. And let me say...With my dogs, she has her hands full.
Melanie’s primary task here is to mange my 5 Briards and she successfully accomplishes the task by devising activities that stimulate their minds while improving their manners. In short, I’m thrilled with the results!
I witness Melanie's gentle hand on the dogs and her willingness to find fun ways to engage them. She approaches training as a custom fit - which in itself is key for keeping my dogs happy. Of course, they love her for it!
Her efforts make a positive change in my dogs’ behaviors beginning with her first visit - and that’s without working with me to change the way I interact with them! At the end of the day, my dogs are noticeably more content, rather than needy, when I get home from work and I find myself very grateful for private time to decompress before devoting my evening hours to them.
When I ask for her thoughts on behavior that I’d like to change, Melanie is quick to make viable suggestions and I believe that she follows through which helps me gain traction with them. I feel confident that I am benefiting from all her years of experience.
Additionally, I have found Melanie to be reliable and punctual - both qualities evident of her mature work ethic. She provides updates via texts and/or photos while she is at my home. I absolutely trust her alone in my home without an ounce of concern while I’m away too. All of this is peace of mind for me. Thank you, Melanie!

Sandra DeLaet - Mistral BriardsCharles Town, WV