I've lived in many different places and have used many different people/services, and our experience with JJ was by far the best experience I've ever had with leaving my dogs. For probably the first time ever we were able to have a truly carefree vacation where I knew I didn't have to worry about my boys. I was honestly more at ease knowing my boys were with JJ than I was in the past when I had family members stay with my dogs. I knew they were in good hands, and in the unlikely event that an issue came up, I was fully confident in JJ's ability to handle the issue at hand. And it looks like our boys had a carefree vacation also. We had never left the younger dog before, so it was very important to us that he had a good first experience with us leaving him behind. He had so much fun hanging out with JJ and her pack, and while he was happy to see us, I'm pretty sure he was bummed his slumber party was over so soon. We had worked hard to establish some ground rules for our younger dog (such as no jumping on the furniture), and JJ respected our boundaries and made sure he adhered to them. Our older dog has had a rough run in life and he has issues whenever we leave. However, he seemed to be completely at home with JJ - he didn't exhibit any of the anxiety that he normally has whenever we leave him. Furthermore, in the past whenever we returned, he would be clingy and insecure at home for the next few days - following us around like a shadow and basically constantly afraid we'd leave him again. This time, however, we noticed a marked change. He was happy to see us, but over the next few days he didn't feel the need to keep us constantly within his line of sight. That, to us, spoke volumes of the exemplary care he received. Not only is JJ an expert in dog behavior, but her pack and her entire household environment creates a positive atmosphere that we are very fortunate to have for our boys. We would not hesitate to leave our boys with JJ again, and will definitely recommend her to everyone that we know. Our only worry is that word will get out about how awesome she is and we'll have to make our reservations several months in advance!!


Rita Cantonment, FL