Hey! Just thought I would give you an update on the boys! They are doing GREAT! Diesel and I have a whole new relationship...he is now listening to me on a regular basis...I say come and he does 🙂 It's a wonderful feeling...he ran the first couple of days we got to my dads house but that stopped after about the third day. I never even had to worry about Gunner...he now loves to chase sticks...so much so that he has gotten Diesel interested in them enough for him to eat them! I don't know what it is about the taste but they are almost as good as treats to both of them! I couldn't ask for anything better...They both listen...oh! We also got the dog doorbell...Diesel is still touch and go with that...he still tries to hit the door every now and again, but he's doing pretty well with the doorbell...Gunner has touched it once!

Raven KnightPanama City Florida