It's quite silly how dumb humans can be… that's Jersie's new motto. We’ve played ball in the front yard several times since your visit. Last night the neighbor came home and walked over to greet Jersie. She behaved like a perfect lady, obeyed every command, tossed the ball back to whoever asked for it, and even waited at the edge of the grass before retrieving a ball that rolled out into the road. Well duh. It seems that the greatest take away here is that Jersie is most stressed by that which is unknown. It also seems that most of her stress is removed by introducing her to that unknown. Damn. There’s a tough lesson to learn. It's hard to believe I managed to parent two children who are able to cross the street.

Catherine, thanks again so much for your patience and help! Jersie would thank you herself, but her overprotective parents don’t allow her online.

NancyPanama City Florida