Leslie has been caring for our dog Summer for the last several years now when my family and I travel. We have a twelve year old yellow lab who we rescued about six years ago. She was abused and is very scared of thunder storms. Leslie is sympathetic to our dogs needs and fears and knows just what to do to help her get through any stay. Leslie has been valuable in giving us tricks and tips to help her through her rough days and changes as our family has grown. Without Leslie's help I am not sure that Summer would have accepted our new baby the way that she has. Leslie has always cared for Summer like she is one of her own and that is the most we could ever ask for from someone caring for a member of our family. As Summer enters her twilight years it is nice to know that we have options other than just putting her in a row of cages next to other dogs when we go away. In addition, as we think of the future we have already agreed that any future dogs will be cared for and trained by Leslie from day one.

Michael Newark De