Nick and I could not be happier to have Emily and Bill watch over our sweet puppy while we're at work! I first found Emily when Nala was just 8 weeks old and brand new to us. Being a first time dog owner, I was very selective with who I would trust to take care of Nala and continue our training with her. As soon as we met Emily and Bill we were sold! Not only do they take great care of Nala-taking her for short walks, playing with her and always making sure she gets her water break from her crate, but they're always there when we need them! I've had many questions for them about training a new puppy and they've always steered me in the right direction. They also send a very nice update text to us in a group message telling us how Nala was for them that day and when I get home from work there's always a nice hand written note about their time. Thank you both for always giving us peace of mind while we're at work!

Megan and NickClermont, FL.