I can't say enough good things about Emily both as a pet caretaker and trainer.
As a trainer, she is very knowledgable about dogs and they respond to her her incredibly well. She has a soothing demeanor but is also authoritarian in her training as she had my puppy completely focused on her and her commands. As a result, I have such a smart, well trained puppy that now when I walk him he automatically waits and then sits before he listens to my command to cross the street.
As a caretaker, she is also wonderful. As a first time pet owner I was incredibly nervous about leaving Kylo. I knew that I was not going to leave him in a kennel where he would be crated all day and let out just for necessities. Emily cares for dogs in her home and as a result they become a part of her family while she cares for them... It doesn't get better than that !

LisetteWindermere, Fla.