Dear Rachel, I am so happy I started training Zeus early in his life, he's the best dog. He is even good with my friend's 1 year old and is very kind and gentle with him. Of course, he has his puppy moments still but they are usually running around the yard and bugging the old dogs. So it's minimal. He's amazing at the beach and sticks around us the entire time. He is also good about letting dogs walk past him and people to. I give you all of the credit on all of this because your class made me get back into training mode. He's also very social probably due to the puppy socializations:) It may have been a lot of work at first taking him everywhere, but I loved it, and it has paid off now that he is 9 months old and acting like a mature 10 year old Labrador:) Maybe you'll see us one of these days, walking down the street Labrador and stroller in hand haha.

LindseyPalm Beach Gardens