I cannot rate Rachel highly enough. Rachel has been working with my puppy, Dilly, since she was 3 1/2 months old. From the moment she entered our home there was a noticeable difference - literally. The slightly manic, over excited (but adorable and loving) puppy that was causing some in home agnst, immediately responded to her very kind but firm insistence on good behavior...AT THE FRONT DOOR. ON THE FIRST VISIT. From there we progressed such that Dilly kindly meets guests, enjoys cuddles from children and adults, comes when called, responds to her name, curtails jumping, walks on a leash, and sits, lies down, and stays on command. Dilly isn't yet six months, so we are not batting 1000, but she is learning, doing so, so we'll, and importantly, enjoys the training process. Potty training is a non issue. Dilly so loves when she sees Rachel at the front door.

Critically, Rachel has taught me to be a good puppy Mom...she doesn't just train and go, she engages me in the process so that I can continuously reinforce good behaviors. She leaves print outs outlining simply what we have learned, and how to keep it going. She tells me, kindly, what I'm doing wrong and how to do better - I.e. modifying my tone, body language, treat frequency, etc. Everything is positive...and even a VERY skeptical family member aknowledged how Rachel's positivitve, reward based training yielded very quick results.

As a busy professional, I appreciated Rachel's like professionalism...in terms of scheduling, promptness, invoice clarity, and follow up. I also now understand that she invests in her own development, so to stay current on dog training techniques. But when I phoned the first time it was a bit of a Hail Mary...

It is aknowledged that in home training is not inexpensive - we actually opted for training vs. a short get away this year - but we viewed it as an investment in a new, loved family member that will pay dividends for years and years. Sort of like the decision to send your child to pre-school: a given. Rachel's rates are fair - if someone had asked me up front "what would you pay for a well behaved companion?" I'd say we got more than our money's worth. Rachel laid the ground work for our puppy early, and we now see that it creates an aptitude for and interest in ongoing development. Friends with a puppy the same age that have opted to spend a bit less for group training at a pet store have commented on the marked difference in how our puppies are developing.

Rachel's ancilary services in terms of day care and boarding are convenient and terrific. Her facilities have the warmth of a home, and are immaculate and well suited.

Dilly is happy, as she has clear boundaries, and we so enjoy our well behaved, joyful puppy that is wonderful with clients, friends, family and strangers.

Hire Rachel. You and your dog will not be disappointed.

A caveat...I do not give out many five star reviews.

Kimberly LoutzenhiserPalm Beach Gardens, FL