I started using Leslie and Dog Kingdom Pets for training back in April 2013. My chocolate lab was very dog aggressive and it was becoming an issue to walk her around other dogs. Leslie was patient, had great advice and insight on how to help me and Bess. Since we started training I have seen huge improvements with Bess and I feel more confident about how to handle issues if they arise on walks.

I have some days that are very long. I used to leave both of my labs outside in a fenced in yard but they started to bark during the day and disturbing the neighborhood. Leaving them inside was not an option as this would mean leaving them inside for an extended period of time. When Leslie at Dog Kingdom Pets started offering dog sitting with the option for training, I jumped at the opportunity. Bess can get extra training, my neighbors no longer have to listen to the dogs barking but most importantly both dogs appear more relaxed and happy when I get home.

Recently I was taking a vacation for a few days. Leslie and Dog Kingdom Pets were going to be taking care of my labs while I was away. This included several visits a day with feeding, walks and play. The day before I was to leave our area was hit with a huge snow and ice storm. Leslie and her team made sure they could either get to my place or made accommodations at their place and brought my dogs there. The entire time I received updates with pictures to ensure me that all was good. I was able to enjoy my vacation and my mind was at ease. I came home to happy, calm doggies!

Kathy Hanley