I can't imagine leaving our four-legged baby, Ryleigh, with anyone other than Emily. While on our honeymoon for 5 days, I was not worried at a single point with how she was doing. However, it was comforting to get texts from my dear friend telling me what a good girl she was. We have a very high energy Ridgeback mix who has been compared to the stupid hyena, Ed, from "The Lion King". Most people get overwhelmed with her high levels of energy and horrible walking habits; so, traveling anywhere without her for the past four years has been virtually nonexistent. When it came time plan for our honeymoon, I knew just who to ask though. Having worked with Emily in public education, I was well aware of her passion for DogSmith and how much patience, dedication, energy, and love she has put into being the best dog care specialist possible. When we picked Ryleigh up, for the first time ever, she did not bombard my husband and I with the "get me out of here" face and whining. In fact, I may even say she was disappointed that Mom and Dad were home. I know there will be many doggy play-dates in the future and there is nobody else who I would ever trust our sweet girl with.

KatelynClermont, FL