JJ has been a life saver for our family. We had lost our previous family pet of twelve years and decided to get two puppies so they would have playmates. To say we were overwhelmed would be an understatement. Add to this an unexpected family health crisis and we were in over our heads. JJ stepped in and helped us in so many ways. We were out of practice with training techniques, JJ was there to guide and "teach" us the tricks. We had days we were overwhelmed caring for the adults in the family, JJ was there to take the puppies for a walk which include proper walking techniques. We've had times when we have had to leave town and JJ has been there to pet sit our puppies so that we could go on with our responsibilities and not worry about the pups well being. While staying with her, she provides continuing guidance so that our pups are progressing with their training. Our family will forever be indebted to JJ for all the love and support she has given this family. Whether it be training or pet sitting, you can't do better than JJ.

Jennifer & James T.Pace, FL