Our dogs were our first babies, for over 3 years they were our only babies. Leaving them with strangers has never been comfortable and always unsettled us. When I found out that Ms. Conde was going into the dog sitting, dog training business I was thrilled. I’ve known Emily for over 10 years now. I know her as an educator, I know her as a mother and I know her as a friend. When she came over for the introduction of the house, the dogs, and the routine that we have our babies in, she brought her notepad and wrote down everything relevant to ensure that our dogs were safe, comfortable, and not unsettled while we were away. I received updates daily, and even had the option of updates every visit. Upon returning from our mini vacation, Ms. Conde had 3 pages of notes she took during her visits to our house. We knew every detail of our dogs activities while we were away. They were happy, they were not unsettled, in fact I don’t even think they missed us. Ms. Conde not only fed and watered our babies, but she took the time to exercise them, learn their personalities, snuggle, and provide reassurance that mommy and daddy were coming home. I not only will be using Ms. Conde’s services in the future, but I will highly recommend her to other family and friends for any animal sitting needs.

JaniMascotte, FL