Testimonials From Workshops and Seminars
Niki Tudge is so positive you know you can learn and do the training
The instructor was very good and never made us think a task was impossible.
DogSmiths have a calm manner; their instruction is clean and concise.
The instructor's attitude and how she was upbeat all the time
"Always positive - always an effort to laugh, have fun, keep a light atmosphere."
It is obvious that DogSmith Dog Trainers are trained how to teach people as well as train dogs.
We really like your classes and appreciate your wise and loving way with dogs."
"We have been extremely pleased with the progress Sacha has made even with just two classes. She is behaving much better on the leash, and I think we've got the 'sit,' 'down' and 'come' commands down. I can't believe how much easier she has been since we started using your methods!"
"I would like to thank you for making Gizzy's and my class experience a positive one. Your thoughtfulness and professionalism turned a very upset, stressed, crabby puppy into a happy tail wagging 'this is really fun' one."
"DogSmith's are awesome instructors - clear, concise, personable and inventive."
"Excellent class! We had fun, were motivated to learn and learned new skills."
"My expectations for this class were met, and exceeded!"
"Thanks for all of your advice, support and encouragement working with my dog-reactive dog!"
"I was provided many useful tools and techniques to use at home to continue training my puppy."
"Great coaching on how to handle my dog - thanks!"
"We really enjoyed coming every week!"
Niki Tudge was professional, fun and loving with the dogs and owners.
Niki Tudge is a great teacher and trainer
Niki Tudge is very patient and good with all the dogs. Also, she was very supportive of my 11 year old son and knew how to communicate with him to get the training done." I want to come back for the next class!"
Niki Tudge is Very knowledgeable, approachable and friendly.
Niki Tudge is well-organized which impacts the effectiveness of the classes
Niki Tudge is fantastic!
I came to class expecting some fuzzy stuff, I'm very impressed!"
DogSmith Classes are great.
DogSmith Classes seem to attract great dogs, great people, they are a great

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