Maybe some of you have seen the pictures of the Husky Luca on the Dogsmith facebook page. I handed Rachel Williams of DogSmith a wolf and got back a loving dog. I am not sure where we would have been without her help, her loving discipline...for both Luca and myself. There are many 'trainers' out there that call themselves professionals. It is not until one find someone of Rachel's caliber that I learned the difference between amateurs and the 'real thing'. Over the past 2 months I have had the occasion to leave my untrained puppy Luca with Rachel for weeks at a time. Each time he returns to me in better shape than I left him: well fed, loved, trained, tired from good exercise and play and well mannered. There are not enough stars to crown this smithy with. I am so grateful that our paths crossed. Rachel is Luca's second mother, her home his second home.

Elynn BirnbaumJupiter, FL