I moved to Florida with my ageing Chocolate Lab, Hercules, summer of 2008 unaware that I would need to travel so much with my new job. Lucky for me (and Hercules), I became acquainted with Rachel via Corne, with whom I work. They took care of Hercules in their home like he was their own and I could swear that sometimes he was disappointed when I came home!!! Rachel encouraged me to switch his food to "Lifes Abundance" natural food and he loved it and never had diarrhea from the switch. Sadly Hercules had to be put down this spring due to a tumor in his back that caused a herniation of his spine to the point where he could no longer walk. Rachel and Corne were there for me through the sad time and I will be forever grateful. I would encourage anyone who is looking for a wonderful, loving, but knowledgable trainer to give Rachel a call. Their dog, Chloe, is a beautiful example of what effective and loving training produces.

Diane Durell