I have a loving, joyful, rambunctious, 72 pound, 7 month-old puppy! She desperately needed training, since she is much larger than she thinks she is! I tried a trainer in town who uses the "Cesar Milan" method, but the stern looks and the dominant posturing just wasn't what I wanted for my sweet girl. Enter Emily. She was recommended to me by a friend, and I am so thankful! She uses all positive reinforcement which Gracie really responds well to. She clearly loves the animals and knows what she is doing. She had Gracie doing things I never thought she would, like greeting my new neighbors with "four-on-the-floor" instead of jumping, ringing bells at the door to let me know it's potty-time, and more. Her instructions are clear and we practice the activity until I know what I'm doing. To top it all off, I receive emails with notes from the sessions, video links if available to help teach what we are working on, and numerous articles with further tips. I can't recommend her services enough! I feel like Gracie and I have a wonderful bond because of the training that Emily gives.

DeniseGroveland, FL.