Catherine, Just had to brag on my 2 babies.

Last night we had our computer guy over for dinner. He is not a real dog saavy person so of course I was wondering how my dogs would react. The doorbell rang and the usual "alert" mode was set. I called them upstairs and told them to go to their place and they did. Allen went to the door and let him in. They stayed in their place and I fed them some treats. As he got upstairs I gave them each a tennis ball and released them and they paid no attention to him at all. Gatlin held his tennis ball for the 1 1/2 hours that he was at our house and never bothered the guy at all. What a difference from the battle we use to have getting the guest up the stairs and all the excitement that usually followed. I was so proud of them! Thanks again for your help.

Debbie, Gatlin and AvaPanama City Florida