Just a quick note to thank you for your wonderful work with our new rescued pup, who came really "unhousebroken" at 2 years old. She has made good progress that it is hard to believe we are only entering our third week with you. Actually there are not enough nice words to thank you for your continued support and contact right after our first meeting and training plan. Dr. Scott Martin, our vet, was spot on in referring us to you. It was an added bonus that you were so familiar with Border Collies. Dr. Martin was also right in telling us that many of his clients had been pleased with your services, as we have had some unpleasant trainer experiences in the past. Your kind and gentle demeanor with both Caulay and us has been greatly appreciated.

I also wish to thank you for responding so quickly when this "new mother" became anxious and for always remaining positive. You have been so kind to continue to email and call for updates-something our former trainers never did. Caulay improves on a daily basis, which we could not have done without your wonderful assistance. The easy way you explain and demonstrate everything and then make sure we understand, is training at its best for all of us. Thank you for providing knowledge on how to deal with her submissiveness and timidity, providing all of us with a better way to live. It is really nice that you recognized that Caulay as a rescue might need a little extra care and customized her training plan. We are truly looking forward to our next steps in training.

Rachel, you are so clear in how much you love dogs and have both their welfare, as well as the household's welfare, in mind at all times. Again, thank you for your many prompt responses and of course for your skills. See you soon!

Claire and Caulay Birdsall