My dog Kari had a nanny for 12 years before we moved to FL. At 13 we thought it impossible to find anyone we could trust to care for her. Yet, upon first meeting Rachel, Kari responded as though she had been her care giver for a lifetime. While it is easy to love a sweet, passive little dog like Kari, gaining her trust and eliciting her obedience are a whole different story. Not so easy. Yet, within minutes Rachel had a keen grasp of what Kari needed and she helped us implement plans that have greatly helped Kari adapt to our new home. Rachel's perceptions of a dogs needs and how to elicit appropriate behavior are always on target. That's her gift. But it's a true treasure when you are out of town and awaken to an email picture of your pet asleep in her arms. She always stays in touch and keeps you advised about your dog while you are away. She plans well and is dependable and flexible. She is honest, trustworthy and always goes the extra mile. She's a true treasure!

Brenda Stults-BrodowsJupiter, FL