Hello Rachel, Hope you are doing well.  I just wanted to give you an update on Bailey.  She is doing much better with dogs we see.  When a dog is behind a privacy fence and barks at her it scares her and  she barks back but is pretty easy to get under control with hot dogs.  In fact, she will calm down and walk away even if the dog is still barking at her.  Tonight on our bike ride I accidentally spilled the hot dogs.  We were almost home and two dogs without leashes started running up to her.  I stopped and made her sit and called to the owner to get her dogs because Bailey was still in training.  However both dogs came right up to her and even smelled her. I had a hold of her collar and had no hot dogs to offer but kept praising her and saying "Puppies!"  She barked once but never crossed the threshold or was out of control.  She seems to be gaining confidence and not experiencing so much fear.  The harness is working great!  

Thank you so much!

Bobbi Cupp